Back to School Tips for the Whole Family

I don't know about you but, my family is squeezing every little last bit of summer out of August. September is one of those months that most families gear up and get back in a rhythm of meals and snacks. I encourage realistic meal planning to not only make life easier but, to teach your children by good example and increase the chances of healthy food choices as often as possible. Here are my top Six back to school eating habits your family should develop: #1 –Always have breakfast. No time? Try any combination of: toast w/ PB & J, whole-grain cereal in a bag, portable natural yogurts, leftover veggie pizza, bananas, milk jugs, low fat cheese sticks, frozen homemade smoothies and fresh fr

Good Food is Good

Food is powerful. Good food has the power to prevent diseases. I am referring to the food that grows, sprouts and blooms; fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, seeds, beans and whole grains. There is one requirement. You must eat it. The food does you no good rotting in your refrigerator, left at the grocery store or just plain ignored. It’s not Rocket Science! I don't really need to be shouty about it either. Most people know the basic ideas behind healthy eating: = Not Healthy = Healthy WHY then, are so few people eating well?? I get to entertain a multitude of answers to this question on a regular basis. I am pretty sure I have heard every excuse but they all basically boil down to eith

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