Raw Spice Bar Day #2

Frying in butter is a huge challenge for me so, I decided to try again. I used thinner pieces of chicken breast which I made by simply slicing 2 breasts into strips. I followed the battering procedure from my last post. I melted butter in the pan and attempted to cook a few. I was still disappointed with the dark color and couldn't reuse the butter for another batch so, I switched to an oil that can withstand higher temperatures and didn't have a strong flavor - Canola oil. There was much prettier results! There was a slight difference in flavor but I honestly didn't miss the butter at all. I'm not a German cuisine conisour but I am sure someone reading this is and could kindly enlighten me

I Require Detailed Directions

I was offered a free sample from a company called Raw Spice Bar via email to try. This blog is the results of using these spice blends and recipes. I love the concept. Deliver fresh herb and spice blends to your mailbox along with yummy recipes. I received the October blend. Day 1: So far, I have made one of the recipes: German Chicken Schnitzel. I loved that this recipe called for items I usually have in my kitchen; chicken breast, butter, breadcrumbs, egg, flour, salt and pepper. I love beating on meat...wait, that didn't come out right. Pounding doesn't sound much better but you get the idea. It's just plain fun! A good way to keep you, counter tops and everything in the kitchen from bein

What Does RD Mean?

My clients often ask this question and I calmly explain without hesitation. For several years I have signed my letters and emails with “From Your RD” so, it somehow stuck in my head to name my company just that, “From Your RD”. I thought it was brilliant! I ordered business cards, my daughter inspired my logo and my husband polished it off, I purchased website rights, muddled my way through getting that started (From Your RD, LLC), I began blogging, started a Facebook page and I even decided to contract with a company, Independence Golf (here) to teach nutrition and cooking classes. I was on a roll and very excited about what I called my “soft launch” of my new business adventure. When a few

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