November is Diabetes Awareness Month

I will admit as a Certified Diabetes Educator,  I feel I should have been posting all month on Diabetes Awareness. What a slacker I have been. I guess it's a good demonstration of what has gotten our country into this health crisis in the first place. If you ignore something long enough sometimes, it goes away but, more often, it just gets worse. That is exactly what happens with early symptoms of Diabetes. Most people have abnormal blood sugars for about 5 years before getting a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes. Alternatively, Type 1 Diabetes strikes abruptly and there is less you can do to prevent this kind of Diabetes however, it is less common than Type 2. Far too many people do not see Diab

Baking Day!

I love baking. I think I inherited the love from my grandmother (Nonny) and practiced from a young age thanks to my Godmother. When Nonny baked it was for one of two reasons: it was a holiday or she was worried about something. When I baked with my Godmother on the farm, it was because she was trying to keep me busy and out of trouble. I am eternally grateful to them both. Today's challenge from Raw Spice Bar is a Pretzel. As I mentioned in my previous post, they sent me a Free Sample of their October spice blend and recipes (yes, I know it is now Nov 1). Their website is here. I will admit I have never made home-made pretzels. I am very excited about this recipe. The spice packet contain

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