Eat Your Veggies

While we are spending a ton of time at home this month (and probably next month too), we have run out of excuses for not eating well. It is more important than ever to nourish our bodies and keep our immune systems strong. It's time to eat your vegetables!! You might be thinking you are not be able to get all the fresh produce right now, right? This could be due to limiting the trips to the grocery store or lack of stocking on the shelves but, the veggies you can get and already have should not be going to waste. You are can be ordering your groceries online or participating in your local produce box delivery program. It’s not too late to start using these resources. You will find they

Are You Busy During Quarantine But, Not Getting Anything Done?

I should begin with, HELLO! 😁 It's been forever since I wrote and published. I am going to predict this quarantine will do that for many people around the world! Fair warning: this blog post has nothing to do with Nutrition and everything to do with Real Life, right now. I am not totally quarantined like so many others. At this point, I am going into work at the hospital 3 days a week as a Clinical Dietitian. Yup, it's okay, we are all okay. I welcome you all to pray for me and my family to stay healthy. I take all precautions possible to protect myself, my family and my community. Rest assure, Healthcare workers are trained to do this work. But it does mean that currently, I have c

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