• Francine M. Kerber, MS, RD

Raw Spice Bar Day #2

Frying in butter is a huge challenge for me so, I decided to try again. I used thinner pieces of chicken breast which I made by simply slicing 2 breasts into strips. I followed the battering procedure from my last post. I melted butter in the pan and attempted to cook a few. I was still disappointed with the dark color and couldn't reuse the butter for another batch so, I switched to an oil that can withstand higher temperatures and didn't have a strong flavor - Canola oil. There was much prettier results!

There was a slight difference in flavor but I honestly didn't miss the butter at all. I'm not a German cuisine conisour but I am sure someone reading this is and could kindly enlighten me on the use of butter in this dish.

Overall, I loved the seasonings. Because the spice does sneak up on you, only 1 of our 3 children would actually eat it. Being that my house is a 'kid thoroughfare', I did have a few other taste testers that also gave it a thumbs up!

The ingredients called for too much bread crumb and not enough egg. And as for the cooking technique, it should be easier for the lay chef (i.e. me). Nothing makes a busy mom or even a fairly experienced home cook more frustrated than to put forth about 30 mins of effort only to smoke out the kitchen.

I am glad I gave it a second chance to practice and prove to myself and now everyone else, I am not so good at frying & I am not ashamed of it! I'd say, it shows that it does not happen in my house often.

Now, on to baking!! 

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