• Francine M. Kerber, MS, RD

November is Diabetes Awareness Month

I will admit as a Certified Diabetes Educator,  I feel I should have been posting all month on Diabetes Awareness. What a slacker I have been. 

I guess it's a good demonstration of what has gotten our country into this health crisis in the first place. If you ignore something long enough sometimes, it goes away but, more often, it just gets worse. That is exactly what happens with early symptoms of Diabetes. 

Most people have abnormal blood sugars for about 5 years before getting a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes. Alternatively, Type 1 Diabetes strikes abruptly and there is less you can do to prevent this kind of Diabetes however, it is less common than Type 2.

Far too many people do not see Diabetes as a life threatening illness even with statistics showing that this disease kills more Americans yearly than AIDS and breast cancer combined! (ADA).  Every 23 seconds another person is diagnosed. "This is Diabetes" (TM) is the slogan the American Diabetes Association is using to increase awareness of this disease. 

If you find out early, you might be told you have Pre-Diabetes. It's not my favorite term, officially it's insulin-resistence and good sign that you will develop Diabetes within a few years. Most people (I'm talking over 75%) can reverse or at the very least delay their "fate" of developing Diabetes with diet and exercise!!

First, know the warning signs. Check out this screening website:

A few signs and symptoms are:

  • Feeling extremely tired especially after eating 

  • Increased thirst

  • Increased bathroom use especially at night

  • Itchy, dry skin

  • Blurry vision

  • Cut and bruises that are slow to heal

  • Sleeping longer than usual and/or adding naps 

  • Weight loss that is rapid and unexplained

Then, take steps today to improve your health and reduce your risk of developing diabetes or if you already have diabetes, reduce your risk of complications. Do you know how?It shouldn't be a surprise that primarily a healthy diet is key!  Also getting about 30  minutes of activity 3-4 times per week to keep your blood pumping. 

This week show off your best 23 seconds of dance moves in support of diabetes awareness. Post your dance on Facebook #diabetesdancedare #thisisdiabetes 

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