Nutrition info you need for Real Life

Great health should feel great and work for your lifestyle! It should be easy, uplifting and totally livable. My goal is to provide you with personalized steps to kick-start your goals, feel better then ever, lose weight, or just get hold of your health.
I bring my practice to YOU where ever you may be.  If you are located in the Richmond, VA area, I can come right to your doorstep!  Many of my sessions are virtual visits using a safe and private video-conferencing platform.
Let's START today together!

​I don't ask my clients to follow anyone else's diet except their OWN! 


That's right, the best "Diet" for you has YOUR name on it!!  Let me help you define your own eating plan that meets your needs, wants, lifestyle and health goals!

Appointment Details

​The best way to start up is to meet face-to-face online using a secure HIPPA compliant video or in-person if you live in the Richmond area.  Most of my clients expect us to continue to connect on a regular basis for at least 3 months. Together we discover the best path towards your ideal diet and lifestyle. 

Feel free to review my calendar, if you do not see an available time that works with your schedule, reach out and I am sure we can find the perfect time to connect.  Locally, I primarily make house calls or we can meet in a local location like a nearby library meeting room, coffee shop or grocery store.  I am sure to reserve a private spot for our meeting. 

Currently, I do not accept or bill insurance. Prior to our first full session, I will ask you to complete a questionnaire to learn as much as I can about your needs and current lifestyle. There will also be a medical release form, HIPPA compliance form and if desired, a release form allowing me the ability to communicate with other healthcare providers.

Francine offers:

  • Free, 15 minute Meet & Greet Calls

  • Initial Consultations for on-going Medical Nutrition Therapy and Healthy Living Coaching

  • One-Time Appointments for Nutrition Education or Yearly Nutrition Evaluations

  • Nutrition Packages including: Grocery Tours & Education, 1-month & 3-month Coaching programs & more to come!


Connect with me HERE on Healthie - my Electronic Health Record Platform

Below is a description & link to the packages.

Use the Healthie Calendar Link to schedule any type of appointment.   

The first 30-days of a new program are key to your success. Appointments can be face-to-face, tele-health or a combination of both. This package includes:  

(1) initial 90-minute consult; 

(1) 45-minute follow up;  

(1) 3-day food log analysis; 

(2) 30-minute phone calls;  

(4) weekly goal checks & support.  

Appointments should be completed within one month (~30 days) from first completed appointment but, this package can be purchased at anytime. 

If you feel lost in grocery stores and you are not sure where to turn, it's time to schedule this appointment with Your RD by your side.  You pick the store or we can explore a new store together.  There are plenty of new places popping up all over the Richmond area. We will meet at the store, go over my plan for the tour, walk around for about 45 minutes together and then summarize the highlights at the end. The whole tour takes about 2 hours.  It's well worth it to learn how to save time and form a solid plan for may months or even years ahead!

More Packages Below